This document is a report on the results of a usability study. The subject of the study involved the conferencing application of Canvas, a Learning Management System commonly used in academic environments.

The audience

The audience for this report are users of Canvas, who include instructors, students, and academic administrators.

The team

I worked on the project with a team of four colleagues and served as the principal author of this report, which detailed the study results.

The scope

I also created the interview script and participated in every phase of the project, which was conducted according to the following plan:

  • Research the application and analyze its current usability
  • Propose specific revisions and create a prototype of the revised user interface
  • Test the revisions by observing and interviewing users as they interacted with the prototype
  • Incorporate observations and suggestions then test second iteration of the prototype
  • Create a report of the study results to include revisions and user responses, accompanied by recommendations for future iterations

Download the sample usability report (PDF).

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