These documents were produced for a training manual and handbook for new managers hired by a large staffing corporation. The corporation launched an aggressive market expansion plan using this highly standardized training and operations information.

The audience

The audience for this handbook are management team members who are responsible for the set-up, opening, and day-to-day operations of new branch locations across the United States.

The team

I was hired to produce the set of documents used by these new management teams. I reported directly to the Director of Operations for the Hospitality Division and worked remotely with the New Market Development Team.

Besides creating new content I edited, standardized and formatted existing notes and checklists to produce a ten-volume handbook of training and operations documents.

Documents produced for the Management Handbook

The Activation Checklist is used for onboarding new managers. It includes each specific training step, completion date and initials, and space for notes.

Download the Activation Checklist.

The Planning Schedule for a client reception provides a brief outline of tasks and their associated timeline, along with corporate event standards.

Download the Planning Schedule.

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