A technical writer who has seen it from many sides

Julie Hale Technical Writer
UW-Seattle: Certificate in Technical Writing and Editing

UW-Tacoma: Certificate in Project Management

NSCC, SCCC-Seattle: Business and computer applications coursework

UT-Knoxville: Master of Science

UT-Martin: Bachelor of Science

It takes a diverse set of skills to complete a successful technical writing project. I’ve worked as a manager, business owner, scientist (soils and horticulture), and trainer in the past, and I discovered that I was both challenged by and enjoyed the process of converting raw data into usable information. I produced:

  • Proposals
  • Site reports
  • Training materials
  • Management plans
  • Employee guidelines
  • Procedural instructions

Flexibility and diverse skills are the modus operandi

As a technical writer, flexibility is all important. So is ongoing training in technology tools of all kinds. I’ve welcomed the opportunity to learn new skills, applications, terminology, and computer languages. I’ve also honed my skills and am confident to:

  • Interview subject matter experts (SMEs) and work alongside them to capture work processes
  • Proofread, edit, and standardize formatting for a variety of document types
  • Create templates and style guides for version updates
  • Categorize and add interactivity to new and existing content
  • Execute the work under changing conditions and in time-compressed situations

Technical writing allows me to work collaboratively with other talented professionals, to trade knowledge and ideas, and to get a detailed look at the project through the eyes of the people who are involved in creating it—then package it for the intended audience.

In addition, I enjoy connecting with other technical writers and editors through membership in the Society for Technical Communication-Puget Sound Chapter.

Call me to create documentation that informs the user, satisfies the project requirements, and reflects the capabilities of everyone involved, 206-351-8098 or email.